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How to Avoid Being Tricked and Losing Cash on Cyber Monday Deals

It is a pleasant experience to shop online. Cyber Monday deals enhance the experience through offering exclusive discounts and mouth-watering offers. No one would imagine missing the opportunity to save a coin. Even fraudsters are not ready to let the day end without making handsome cash through tricking naïve shoppers.

During this day, shoppers go crazy online and will step on any offer that sounds wooing giving the fraudster a fair access to essential details to fulfill their desires. No one enjoys losing even a cent. Hence, safeguarding yourself from the online predators is a priority as you log on to e-commerce sites upon the ringing of the Cyber Monday deals bells.

Here is how to avoid being tricked and losing cash on Cyber Monday deals:

a.    Be conscious about the Mouse busters

The replacement of Black Friday doorbusters online is the mouse busters.  Both offers approach the same trick of creating urgency and appearing within a limited time. Even though this is not scams, if you do not prepare yourself in advance and have a fixed budget of what you want to purchase, you might fall on these offers traps.

Most important to note is that the retailers hire marketing experts with the ability to develop hot deals that no one can afford missing. The deals are then displayed as mouse busters that promise you of unimaginable offers. For instance, you can get an offer showing an electronic that goes for $1000 showing it will sell at $200 or less for the next twenty minutes.  Of course, with such a deal, you will fall into the trap.

However, upon paying for the product, all you get is a set which is more of a duplicate than the original products. In this regard, it is essential to be conscious about the mouse busters. Simply, always stick to your shopping budget and avoid the interruption of the mouse busters that will be common during the Cyber Monday sale.

b.    Do due diligence clicking text or email offers

 With advancement in technology, the fraudster can now duplicate every detail of a popular online shop website. In fact, they come up with a URL with a little difference that is hard to notice.

Upon doing this, the fraudsters send you text or an email and states that the offer is valid only by clicking the link provided. On Cyber Monday these cases will be frequent, and many shoppers will become victims.

It is essential to conduct due diligence before clicking any texted or emailed link, to avoid being one of the victims. First, you should visit the presumed online shop through typing their official website and check whether such an offer exists.  Then, you can contact its help desk for further inquiries. With this, you will avoid falling into the trap of the fraudsters whose goal is to access your confidential information.





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c.    Consider buying physical product on a brick and mortar store or your usual online shop

Most of the products selling on Cyber Monday are electronics, PCs, mobile devices, and travel tickets. As you know, the online store does not offer you an opportunity to interact with what you are purchasing. Also, the sellers will even put a disclaimer stating goods sold cannot be returned.

But due to the crazy shopping mood, you may not have the time to go through the terms and conditions. Upon shipment, all you get in your doorsteps are substandard or duplicate products. When you try to reach the retailer, it is time you find the information about the offers. Hence, only consider early Cyber Monday deals for physical items and holiday tickets during the prime day.

With this tips, you will avoid losing cash or suffering loss by purchasing substandard and non-essential products.


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